Your Authorized Big Green Egg Dealer in Southwest Georgia

Once man discovered fire, he invented the grill next.  Grilling outdoors has become a BILLON dollar business with countless grills and accessories available almost everywhere. Clay became one of the first materials use for grills and has continued to be improved upon with the development of the “BIG GREEN EGG Grill. 

Ed Fisher came upon domed clay cookers while overseas and came home with a dream of building an egg shaped cooker that would become the BIG GREEN EGG GRILL. Ed worked tirelessly to improve on his invention until he produced a stronger, more durable grill, that provides the best heat insulation of anything on the market today.  

Today, the Big Green Egg Company produces 7 sizes of the Egg, available in over 40 countries with 100’s of accessories that make cooking on this grill fun, entertaining and delicious.  

Stone’s Home Centers are your authorized BIG GREEN EGG Dealers in Southwest Georgia and North Florida. With locations in Bainbridge, Cairo Donalsonville, Thomasville Quitman, Moultrie and Camilla Georgia plus Havana and Quincy Florida, you can visit your neighborhood Stone’s Store and learn more about the “Ultimate Cooking Experience” on “The Big Green Egg Grill”.


The Big Green Egg Grill Company wants to create the Ultimate cooking experience by having the best group of Eggcessories available. From the best Lump Charcoal for your heat source to all the tools you can imagine to make your cooking something you look forward to each and every time.  Stop by your neighborhood Stone’s Store and let us show you the eggcessories on hand for your next cooking.


Rivertown Days

In the Springtime each year, there are numerous events and contests across the South that focus on the Best BBQ recipes and who can create the best tasting meat. Like Rivertown Days in Bainbridge Ga. All along the banks of the Flint River you see grills of all sizes, smoking away preparing their best, in hope of taking 1st Place. In this group you will always find the Stone’s Home Centers Team, grilling away on the BIG GREEN EGG GRILLS.  You’ll find crowds of people stopping by just to sample what these Guys & Gals are cooking, all while listening for a secret that they can take home to use during their next cookout.  If you are not careful, you’ll become an EGGHEAD, someone that uses their BIG GREEN EGG Grill several times a week to prepare the best tasting meats.